Feminist Archives

The Feminist Archives is a unique initiative coming from a Southern feminist organization with one-of-a-kind materials not found in libraries or institutional collections. Isis International has digitised an extensive collection of feminist and women’s resource materials in the form of books, periodicals, articles, audiovisuals, and posters dating back to the early 1970s. This historic collection documents the evolution, theory, and practice of feminism from the early 1970s to the ongoing activism of the present. It covers a whole range of issues that affect women globally with a special focus on the Global South.

As Isis transitions into its new name of Io, the Feminist Archives becomes especially important in institutionalizing the organisation’s long history and linking the past with the present. It is our hope that by making them available online, they will continue to inspire generations of feminists and enhance inter-generational dialogues on women’s movement histories.

We are working toward completing the online collection. We plan to curate articles from the collection and link them with current issues, with the hope of preserving the legacy of feminist analysis and encouraging younger feminists to build on this legacy.