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Women’s Global Political Representation: Are There Alternatives?

The Peace Centre and its Board of Directors, of which Io is a member, is convening an online forum on ‘Women’s Global political Participation” to further reflect on women’s roles in elections, political participation and the impact of electoral processes on women, to look for alternatives to the existing electoral systems, that do not appear to be working extensively for women. An initial conversation was held in April concentrating on women and elections in Africa. This virtual forum will attempt to unpack the following questions:

  1. What are the factors leading to a decline in the quality of our democracies? How can women’s political participation contribute to turning the tide of democratic erosion?
  2. Is women’s participation shifting the definition of leadership? Does women’s political participation change/shift power relations and accountability? What has been the value of having women in political spaces?
  3. How can elections be organized differently to allow women’s meaningful participation and to influence the political process?
  4. What are the lessons learnt on women’s political participation and what are innovative responses to deal with the longstanding constraints of women’s political participation?
  5. How can women run for office and/or participate in the political processes when increasingly it requires substantial amounts of money?